Cock rings are one of the many adult items that talk about boosting the size of your penis and your girth. But they’re also one of the few items that can actually deliver on those promises.

טבעת רטט

Their very name says a lot about how these sex toys work. Cock rings are designed to slip around the base of your shaft just like a wedding band over a finger. Thankfully, penis rings don’t require a lifelong commitment! The penis ring should fit snugly but not so tight that it pinches your shaft.

After you put the penis ring on, it limits blood flow to and from your shaft. Ordinarily, anything that restricts blood flow is a bad thing. In this case, however, the penis ring causes more blood than usual to collect in your shaft and makes it grow thicker and longer. This size boost is much more noticeable in average-sized men than guys who are already fairly large. The additional blood also gives you a firmer erection and makes it easier to sustain.

Penis rings can also help you last longer. The unusual feeling of the ring and the pressure it places on your shaft distracts you during sex – just like reciting baseball scores. This helps take the edge off so you can last longer than usual. Some penis rings even include a special feature known as a ball strap or ball ring that fits around your boys to boost your staying power even more.

While your extra size and staying power is sure to amaze your partner, penis rings can enhance your lover’s pleasure in other ways as well. Even basic penis rings come with ticklers and teasers to rub against your lover’s erogenous zones such as her clit or lips. More advanced penis rings typically come with a mini vibrator for even stronger stimulation. This ability to enhance your partner’s pleasure as well as your own is why many people consider penis rings to be the ultimate sex toy for couples.

Other Penis enhancers are penis extensions and penis sleeves.

Penis Extensions
Although penis sleeves and extensions are commonly grouped together, they’re actually two completely different sex toys. Penis extensions are used mainly to boost your length. Most extensions look like over-sized condoms with an extra-large tip. The extension fits over the tip of your penis, adding anywhere from two to four extra inches to your length. Penis extensions come with some sort of sleeve or ring to help hold them in place during sex. Some extensions even include built-in vibrators for extra stimulation.

Penis Sleeves
Penis sleeves are designed primarily to increase your girth. Sleeves often look like an extra-wide penis ring that slips around your shaft. Penis sleeves add an extra inch or more to your girth so you can really fill your partner up. Many penis sleeves are also covered with pleasure nubs and ticklers for increased stimulation.

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